Where OSPF, MPLS and BGP is used in Transport Networks?

I am learning, so let me ask some stupid questions. :grinning:

Where OSPF, MPLS and BGP is used in Transport Networks ?

How the RAN aggregation network connect to main MPLS Network ?
Which Protocol they use ?

Hi Scot, today the backhaul networks (from cell-site to core) uses an IP/MPLS network as the main transport tecnology. It means it provide all requirements for site needs as traffic isolatiom, sync, bandwidth, resiliency, and so on.
This IP/MPLS network uses a thousand of protocols, which include:

  • Routing protocol as OSP or ISIS, as part of internal gateway protocol IGP. This is used for fast restoration in case of node and transmission failure and resiliency;
  • LDP protocol family for MPLS label switching and distribution. This is used for fast packet forwarding, reducing delay inside the backhual;
  • BGP for stableshiment of VPNs, for traffic isolation inside the network, and interconcetion with others IP/MPLS networks;

There are much much more. I hope it could help a little.

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We have 3 kind of network segments …

  1. ISP / Peering to National GW for Internet Traffic
  2. MPLS Network running on Optical Fiber
  3. RAN Aggregation IP Network - Which connects to MPLS Network, not sites
  4. RAN Last-mile - Where L3/L2 network connecting sites/ MW networks

What will be the protocols in these segments and why they use it ?
[ Ex : MPLS using labeling protocol ]

Is the above segregation of network correct or why not make 2,3 & 4 as one network ?

Sorry too many queries.