When will the UE decide to HO by event A3 and when will it HO by A4

Hi mates, i need to under stand when will ue decide to HO by A3 and when will decide to do HO by A4

Mainly by default A3 is used for intrafreq HO & A4 used for interfreq HO, but its configurable also means you can use A3 also for interfreq as well.

thnx, A3 currently is configured for Inter/Intra Freq, but for MLB is configured A4

i think you have Continuous coverage for both layers. that’s why you are using A3 of intra&inter

Exactly. except for some areas i have set the second carrier as A4⁠⁠⁠⁠. For those areas, both coverage HO is based on A4 & MLB HO is based on A4