When UE is instructed to measure 5G NSA for how long does it measure?

Hi Experts.
5G NSA question: when UE is instructed to measure 5G NSA for how long does it measure NSA?
I see 3-4 seconds but is there a parameter for this?

I remember UE has to sent B1 MR within 3s.

But those 3 seconds is there a timer/parameter for it?

Yes, there is.

Basically: UE is instructed every 15 seconds to measure 5G.
And UE has 3 seconds to detect 5G the remainign time 12 seconds=15-3 is 5G coverage undetected.

I would like to know the name of parameter timer for those 3 seconds, if possible.

What is your vendor?

MO: NrScgFreqConfig
Id: NrB1ReportWaitingTimer
Name: NR B1 Report Waiting Timer

Indicates the lenght of the timer used to wait for B1 measurement reports on NR frequencies. The eNB starts this timer when it delivers an NSA DC B1 measurement configuration related to NR frequencies. When the timer expires, the eNB deletes the B1 measurement configuration.

Until it is instructed to stop measurement or HO is triggered

Nokia :MeNB wait for the UE MR until TMRWait timer expires (Max:2000 ms).