When to spell Open RAN with a space, without (OpenRAN) and with a – (O-RAN)?

Hello dear Open RAN Experts.

Do you know when to spell Open RAN with a space, without (OpenRAN) and with a – (O-RAN)? :grinning:

:heavy_check_mark: Open RAN = overall Open RAN movement of opening up interfaces
:heavy_check_mark: OpenRAN = TIP group and anything related to TIP deployments
:heavy_check_mark: O-RAN or #ORAN (for hashtag) = O-RAN Alliance references of org itself or interfaces

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It’s also worth to know the organizations involved in OpenRAN (and their role):

:office: 3GPP: overall telecom standards, interfaces need to be opened by each vendor


:office: Telecom Infra Project: advancement of global OpenRAN deployments from standards to commercial solution via self certification and testing

:office: O-RAN ALLIANCE e.V.: development of interoperable standards for white box RAN, software, and RIC

:office: The Linux Foundation: through partnership with O-RAN Alliance, development of open software for the RAN

:office: GSMA: helps to accelerate Open RAN through partnerships with TIP and O-RAN Alliance

:office: Small Cell Forum: standardization of open small cells.

:office: Open RAN Policy Coalition: education on policies for Open and interoperable RAN