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A lot of questions may arise about the telecomHall Groups in WhatsApp and Telegram.

As there are a lot of reason for their formation, this topic was created. We hope that you find all the information you need. If you still have some questions, simply reply to this post.

How to join the WhatApp/Telegram groups for Telecom & IT discussions

If you want to join, simply choose your best option (WhatsApp or Telegram) and join the Gateway group by clicking the links below.

The Gateway group is the main group, but it works like an “entrance” group, more like a “screening terminal”.

Once you’re in the Gateway group, simply wait for an Administrator to MOVE you to your country’s group(based on your phone’s country code). You will first be REMOVED from the Gateway group, then after you will receive the links to the Technical groups.

So, to join the WhatsApp telecomHall Gateway group, follow this link:

And to join the Telegram telecomHall Gateway group, follow this link:

Please read this

As stated earlier, there are many questions about the groups’ approach: how it works, how can I join, how can I invite some friend, etc.

Therefore we request you, to read all the information bellow. If you still have some questions, please reply to this topic. But once again, read it all? :slight_smile:

What is telecomHall?

TelecomHall is Global Telecom & IT Community.

It started more than 15 years ago with Telecom & IT articles on tips, course and tools at www.telecomHall.com, the Hunter* tool.

Currently, it has more than 30k users worldwide.

*Hunter used to be sent only to people that that made a donation. At the moment, a new direction has been taken. Hunter has become OPEN SOURCE (free). Hunter is a tool that helps the telecom professional as they go about their daily work in a lot of ways.

Recently, the community took a new step, the launch of a new forum (www.telecomhall.net), to stimulate even more sharing and discussions.

And now, the community is expanding again: taking another step towards Telecom &IT users integration all over the World through the use of WhatsApp/Telegram!

How to can I invite a friend (i.e.add them to a Group)?

If you want to invite some friends, simply forward the link below to anyone you want to join the Gateway group: http://www.telecomhall.net/t/whatsapp-telegram-telecomhall-groups/

Global groups advice

Global groups are great, and for sure have their advantages. However, they have one big problem: different messages at different times (time zones).

A small tip when posting to the global groups: please mute the group when participating because not everyone is in the mood to respond 24/7. :slight_smile:

How many discussion groups out here?

So far we have WhatsApp ‘Country Group’ groups in almost every country, and a lot of technical discussion on several subjects:

  • 2G Optimization
  • 3G Optimization
  • LTE Optimization
  • Wi-Fi WiMAX WLAN
  • 5G
  • IoT
  • Devices
  • Drive Test
  • Transport Networks
  • CORE Networks
  • Network Sharing
  • Telecom & IT Events
  • Telecom & IT Jobs
  • Energy Solutions

Where can I find these groups links to join?

At the LOCAL Country Group, you’ll receive a link to every new GLOBAL technical discussion groups.

What is a LOCAL Country Group?

The country group works more like a contact network in your country.

If used properly, the benefits can be very good for all participants.

Of course, specific discussions are welcome - provided they always respect others, as well as the rules of the group.

General technical issues can be discussed in global groups: Whenever telecomHall creates a new group (WhatsApp / Telegram) we will notify you.

The preferred language is English - and of course, your national language for the country group.

Note : you will be added there because you are a member of one or more telecomHall group.
If you don’t want to stay, please simply leave. In this case, your name will be flagged as “DO NOT SEND MORE INVITATION”, and you will never be added again (unless you ask for it).

WhatsApp: What happens when a group reaches its membership limit (256 people)?

We create a second group. For example, when LTE Optimization’ reached 256 members we created LTE Optimization 2.

The intention is to allow everyone to participate.

So, here is an important rule: if you participate in a group (i.e. ‘LTE Optimization’), please do not join group 2, 3… (i.e. LTE Optimization 2).

If you do so, you WILL BE REMOVED from both.

We will try to repost interesting discussions across groups.However, because this is an impossible task , discussions will be reposted on the forum with the users anonymized unless permission is given.

I still have a question or a suggestion. What can I do?

If you have some questions or suggestions, please contact.


We’re starting something big - keeping all telecom professionals in contact. Such an endeavour is not easy to start however we believe together we can. :slight_smile:

In the future, we can define some better ways to improve sharing and communication among professionals in our area as a community.

And of course: every group has rules

Hello Everyone ( Message regularly sent )

Rules of the group? Very simple => only technical discussions!

No religion. No politics. No funny posts… nothing but Telecom related issues.

Also, this is not the place to ask for Jobs, nor send curriculum vitae; the job offer, however, is desirable.

Tip: Every day, several people join the groups. It is good practice to avoid greetings like “Hi, how are you?”. OK?
Because the groups are global, and some people do not want to be woken up by greetings messages.

By joining the group discussions you agree to your contributions being re-posted to the forum for the benefit of all members as the groups have a membership limit. However, no names will be used unless permission is explicitly given. Additionally, we reserve the right to rephrase the posts if it helps others understand.

Summary: only post useful information to All!

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