Whatsapp back up in Xiaomi 15T?

Whatsapp back up in Xiaomi 15T?

In Android: Access the “Internal Storage” of the cell phone, open the “WhatsApp” folder and tap on “Databases”. Once this is done, you will be able to view the backup files, but you will not have access to the information contained therein.

Thanks, but this particular Android is weird. I’ve had Androids since my first Ericsson and Nokia 20 yrs ago and had Samsung, OnePlus and now Xiaomi.

I did go into internal storage but there is definitely no option to find the WhatsApp folder you mention, to start with.

It has been very frustrating to buy this phone since it has kept me disconnected for a week. All my contacts and my Whatsapp back up don’t download. Google Drive downloaded all but the contacts and not sure it ever will.

If I can’t figure this out today on my off day,
I am sending this piece of crap back to it’s maker.

Thanks for your kind help. :slightly_smiling_face:
Nice to be here.