What's XPIC technology?

  • XPIC stands for cross polarization interference cancelling

  • Used in Microwave Transmission.

  • It’s purpose is to increase the Link Capacity.

  • It can double the link capacity by using 2 polarization modes (Vertical and Horizontal).

  • So we can send 2 streams of data on the same frequency channel and same antenna at the same time but over 2 different polarization.

  • Then we have to use what is called OMT.

  • OMT : Orthomode Transducer.

  • It responsible to share the dam antenna among 2 ODUs to save cost.

  • Once we finished the XPIC link deployment we have to Test whether the interference between vertical and horizontal polarization is within the allowable range or not, this Test called XPD Test

  • XPIC Link called 2+0 link

  • We can protect the traffic by using 2+2 link

Credits: :point_down:

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