What's WTR in Transmission?

  • WTR: Wait To Restore.

  • It’s a timer used to improve the network stability.

  • It’s used only with revertive switching mode.

  • It’s the Time from switching the traffic path from main to standby (if failure occurred with main) to the switch back to main when main become available.

  • WTR can be controlled by NMS.

  • It’s by default 10 minutes (600 sec).

  • Can be set from 5 to 12 minutes.

  • In non revertive mode we are not able to set WTR because the link will not forced to switch to main.

  • In non revertive mode the traffic will stay flowing through the avilable path regardless it’s the main or standby.

  • Switching types can be single ended or dual ended.

  • Switching time should not be greater than 50 m seconds.

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