What's WT in WDM technology?

  • WT stands for wavelength tracker.

  • It’s a very important feature I’m DWDM technology presented by Nokia.

  • This feature assist in service tracking along WDM network.

  • Through this feature we can easily track each wavelength and identity the route of traffic flow.

  • We can check the power values and verify the cross connection is correct.

  • WT help in optical power mangment and identify whether the power values within the permitted range or not.

  • WT allow assign 2 digits to each wavelength to let us trave the wavelength end to end.

  • this code called wave key and it should be unique.

  • it can be assigned manually in some cases but recommended to be automatically.

  • this is done in the transponder card by NE software.

  • WT used in troubleshooting purposes, fiber cut or power fluctuations cases.

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