What's the simplest explanation of CDCF in DWDM networks?

  • C Colorless
  • D Directionless
  • C Contentionless
  • F FlexGrid
  1. Colorless : optical transponders can be connected to any port

    It’s the ability to change the optical channel frequency in each port

  2. Directionless : the input signal can be optically switched to any direction.

    It’s the ability of the ROADM to route the signals from any direction to any direction.

  3. Contentionless : it’s the ability to add a d use the same channels ( wavelengths ) in a single add drop block.

  4. FlexGrid : it’s the ability to enhance the bandwidth utilization and use network bandwidth variable slices instead of fixed channel spacing.

    • It allows to utilize the bandwidth and flexible provide the exact needed bandwidth for traffic capacity.

    • CDCf ROADMs support ASON GMPLS protection and restoration.

    • CDCf ROADMs helps building flexible network.

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