What's the difference between single period and dual period in 5G frame structure?

Hi Experts.
What’s the difference between Single period and Dual period in 5G frame structure?
And what’s the benefit?

2.5ms single period: dddsu
2.5ms dual peripd: dddsuddsuu

I am asking or 8:2 single and dual period, what’s the benefit to choose one over the other?

They are different ratio of UL/DL slots, it is for different requirement of service.

8:2 is 5ms single period. There is option of 4:1 2.5ms single period or 7:3 2.5ms dual period. With different options downlink and Uplink transmission delay changes with high Uplink transmission delay on 8:2 of 3.3 ms and downlink transmission delay of 1.7 ms on 7:3 option. Uplink and downlink round trip delay is also highest on 8:2 of 4.95ms. Although 8:2 has high delays but it will support more SSB blocks as compared to 4:1 & 7:3. Also with high GP symbols in 8:2 cell radius is bigger as compared to other options.