What's the difference between protection & restoration?

Protection is to assign dedicated path or node or board to be used in case of main resource fail.

  • Restoration is to try switch to any other avilable path to protect the service.

  • In 100G Links and more , we have to implement restoration with protection.

  • Restoration allow to Improve the WDM Links reliability and availability.

  • We can say restoration allow protection against multiple faults.

  • Restoration advantages is bandwidth and resources utilization.

  • Restoration can be done in DWDM using GMPLS.

  • Simply GMPLS has a set of protocols to check the faults and try to compute the network avilable paths and reroute the traffic from failed path to a other path.

  • Disadvantage of restoration is that we can’t guarantee the switching time or recovery time.

  • But in protection we can achieve a maximum 50 msec switching time.

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