What's the difference between 4x4 MIMO and CA (Carrier Aggregation) in LTE?

Hello experts.

From the user perspective, what are main advantages of MIMO and CA in LTE?

I want to explain it in an easy way…

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You can start imagining a highway facing traffic congestion.


So, you may add more lanes (taking up new land) to the highway sideways to fit more cars.


Continuing, imagine there are no more lands to buy and build new lanes. For example, because there are houses on either way of the highway. Then you must build additional decks upwards.

That’s MIMO!

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Which one will be better option MIMO or Carrier Aggregation?

Definitely Carrier Aggregation

CA for providing better Quality of Service…
It help to minimise the tradeoff between Coverage and Capacity

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Your analogy is perfect, congratulations.

Only note that CA is a separate thoroughfare directly adjacent to the existing thoroughfare.

Adding lanes is analogous to widening the LTE carrier.

Perfect example with the additional road decks for MIMO.

Shouldn’t it be like this

If CA is possible…Then obviously implement CA…

Then go for MIMO with CA…

It is more like : Single Carrier < 2 carriers < 2 carriers with MIMO < Massive MIMO

i.e. Massive MIMO is better than 2 carriers with MIMO which is better than 2 Carriers which is better than a single carrier

In case of carrier aggregation if we are adding 5MHz to existing 5MHz is there any change in existing antenna is required?

No…Same antenna radiates on a different PCI…

In case of MIMO?

A 4 port antenna is good enough for CA + MIMO…4t4r

What about 2T+2R?

See 2t2r or 2t4r or 4t4r is a radio functionality

Is 2T+2R required for MIMO? Is 2T+2R required for CA? Is 2T+2R not suffice for CA+MIMO? Please clarify.

2t2r MIMO radio has 2 ports…So a 2 port antenna is good enough…

The True sense MIMO is 4T4R…Where u use 4 radio ports and 4 antenna ports … and benefit from receive and transmit diversity

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Ok. Thank you :pray:

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