What's the common types of optical passive devices & their functions?

  1. Optical Coupler

    Used to combine light streams and split light streams on multiple paths of fibers

    Cause power loss because it split the optical power

    Used in FTTH and multiple applications

    When use couplers you have to consider excess loss and insertion loss in the design and also splitting ratio

  2. Optical Isolator

    Used to protect lasers and optical amplifiers from back light.

    You have to consider it’s insertion loss and return loss in the design.

  3. Optical Band filter

    Used to block specific channels and pass others.

    Used is some scenarios to block the noise.

  4. Optical circulator

    Work as optical one way signal pass and it has low insertion loss.

    Direct light to specific ports and suppress other ports.

  5. Optical Attenuator

    Used to Limit the power.

    Used in Tx and Rx side to control the power and protect the received side devices.

    Has multiple types fixed and variable.

  6. Optical demultiplexer

    Used in DWDM and CWDM systems and can multiplex multiple wavelengths to single path and demultiplexing combined channels into separate channels.

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