What's N+1 protection in Microwave Links?

  • It’s a way of protecting traffic in links by assign one protection channel for multiple main channels

  • For example of we talk about 3+1 , it means we have 3 main channels carry traffic and 1 protection channel

  • Protection channel can carry the traffic in Case of any failure happened at any main channel

  • In some other cases we can use the standby channel for low priority traffic to utilize the Link capacity

  • But in this case , if one of the highest priority channels become down ( main ) , it’s traffic should be switched to the standby and the low priority traffic will be dropped

  • We have 2 modes of protection :

  1. Revertive
  2. Non revertive

Another type of protection called 1+1

In this type , every main channel has its own dedicated standby channel

This is not always be a good solution from the resources utilization point of view

But from the reliability and availability point of view it’s better than N+1

  • Also we have multiple other types of protection :
  1. SNCP

  2. MSP

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