What's MPLS TP feature?

  • MPLS_TP is a protocol similar to IP MpLS and designed for transport networks

  • TP means transport profile , so it can work with multiple types of traffic protocols

  • MPLS TP implemented on Ethernet ports in WDM equipments

  • MPLS TP protection is bidirectional 1:1 LSP

  • Similar to SNCP , protection can be through another backup route

  • We can configure protection to be revertive and non revertive

  • Protection switching time should be less than 50 m sec

  • In revertive mode , we can control the WTR ( wait to restore )

  • IEEE 802.1ag is the OAM message protocol that’s used for control and maintain the WDM Ethernet Links

  • Features and messages included inside the OAM as follow :

  1. Continuity check message

  2. Loopback message

3-. Link Trace message

  1. Alarm indication signal

  2. Remote defect indication

These messages will be explained in details later.

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