Whats is the difference between Network Slicing and Private 5G Networks?

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Whats is the difference between Network Slicing and Private 5G?

Network slicing should not be confused with Private 5G as they have different applications in practice. Private networks (manufacturing plants, airports and ports, utility production etc) will require Dedicated Core Networks (CN).

A Dedicated CN provides the enterprise with full network isolation, bringing greater control, reliability, deterministic quality, as it is not shared with other customers.

Instead network slicing caters very well to applications such as nationwide fleet management, providing a reliable & controlled service wherever the device is located.

The logic is that “operational isolation” is sufficient for the majority of customers because 'Vertical customers could have independent monitoring, control, configuration, or even full operation capability of the network slice”. Instead, “network level isolation, means that vertical customers do not share network function or resources with the other customers” is not considered to be a fundamental requirement and is not addressed by network slicing.

Therefore network slicing assumes that only a small number of slices will be required in a national network & that they will be shared by enterprises having similar needs.

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