Whats is PSM and eDRX in IoT?

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Whats is PSM and eDRX in IoT?

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eDRX(Extended DRX) is a feature which was introduced by 3GPP in Rel. 13.

As the name suggests, it is an enhancement/extension of DRX, a Release 8 feature. It was introduced to reduce Power Consumption of IoT devices.

eDRX is an extension of DRX in the sense that the duration for which the UE is in sleep mode has been extended considerably.

DRX is used in smartphones and other LTE devices to reduce power consumption and extend battery life.

In NB-IoT, eDRX allows the UE to sleep for a long duration of time, and wake up periodically to check Paging. Since the sleep duration in eDRX is considerably longer than in DRX, hence there can be lot of power saving.

PSM (Power Save Mode) is a Release 12 feature which is also used in NB-IoT devices to reduce power consumption. While both features are aimed at reducing power consumption, PSM is different from eDRX.

eDRX and PSM can be used simultaneously to obtain additional power savings.

Read following post for detailed information.

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