What's is O-SNCP in WDM and how it works?

  • SNCP is sub network connection protection.

  • It can protection optical networks against equipment failure or fiber cut.

  • SNCP has 2 types (E & O).

  • O SNCP mean optical and E mean electrical.

  • O-SNCP can be implemented by assigning 2 different devices and routes for rhe same optical signal.

  • For traffic protection we send the same signal twice and selectively receive the main.

  • In case of main signal become unavailable , receive transponder will switch to standby.

  • It’s called dual sending & selective receiving in Huawei or as Nokia called it head end bridging and tail end switching.

  • We have 2 options available to implement O SNCP :

  • Through Y cable
  • Through OPS card
  • Through Y cable the transponder itself will perform the switching.

  • Through OPS card ( optical protection switching ) the OPS perform the switching.

  • Here In OPS we have the chance to Improve the survivability by placing the main and standby transponder in 2 different shelves.

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