Whats is DSS (Dynamic Spectrum Sharing) in 5G-NR?

Hello Experts,
What is DSS in 5G? What are the pros and cons?

DSS in 5G ?
DSS : Dynamic Spectrum Sharing .

Goal ?

Achieve wide 5G coverage as rapidly as possible.

How ?

DSS is a 3GPP R15 technology that allows the deployment of both 4G LTE and 5G NR in the same frequency band and dynamically allocates spectrum resources between the two technologies 4G/5G based on user demand.

The idea is to give the service provider a coverage layer for 5G NR in low band frequencies that are already used by LTE without refarming.

With DSS, when customers move outside 5G Ultra Wideband coverage area, their 5G-enabled devices will remain on 5G technology using lower bands of spectrum.

Benefits ?

  • Better 5G coverage, with lower latency and higher quality (in addition to faster download speeds) for consumers.
  • Less Capex : reuse of existing bands
  • Efficient TCO
  • Avoid refarming costs
  • Quick introduction of 5G over a wide area in low/mid bands.

Limitations ?

Not all actual mobile equipements and modems can support DSS!

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I think maybe eNodeb HW is also a limiting issue to share de LTE spectrum as not all eNodeb HW supports the NR resource grid structrure and numerology types…
Very good answer above!
Resource sharing is a trend for any technology and also any resource in the future!