What's DGE in DWDM networks?

  • DGE stands for dynamic gain equalization.

  • It’s a feature to avoid gain unflatness.

  • Allow gain flatness and power adjustment for long distances Links specially DWDM and submarine applications.

  • In long distances transmission we have to insert multiple stages of ILA.

  • ILA ( inline amplifier ) add enough Gain to the signal but adding several ILAs may lead to gain unflatness.

  • Some frequency channels will have gain values different from other channels.

  • And some frequency channels will be much more attenuation than others.

  • Then the gain curve become not flat as we increasing the number of cascaded ILAs.

  • DGE is a node to solve this issue and recover the difference between flat Gain and actual gain values.

  • It’s target to let all frequency channels have the same power values.

  • Through tilt equalizers and shape equalizers we can adjust the gain and power dynamically.

  • If OSNR degraded we have to use regeneration stage to recover the OSNR.

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