What's CDC-F and why we use it?

CDC-F is a very important technology for flexible traffic routing and forwarding in WDM

It consist of 4 sub technologies

  1. C mean colorless

It’s the ability for the transponder and OADM to support any color, not fixed colors , not fixed channels and wavelengths

  1. D mean directionless

It’s the ability to route and forward the incoming traffic to any possible direction and this feature ensure the flexibility of traffic forwarding

  1. C mean contentionless

Contentionless is the non blocking for the colors or channels
it’s the ability to route and use the same wavelength at another route and another port with out blocking

Note : you still can’t broadcast or drop the same channel twice in the same port

  1. F means flex grid

It’s the ability to control the channel spacing to achieve bandwidth utilization and avoid waste of resources when using fixed channel spacing ( 50 , 100 GHz )

We can use bandwidth slices, slice can be 12.5 or 6.25 GHz.

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