What's ASON and why we use it?

ASON is a very important technology used to protect optical network.

ASON stands for Automatically Switched Optical Network.

It’s a traffic protection and restoration, mechanism used in high capacity networks.

We use ASON in mesh optical network topology.

ASON protect the traffic by defining multiple routes and paths to forward the traffic in case of path failure.

ASON big advantage is that it can protect the traffic against multiple faults.

ASON works based on what’s called GMPLS.

GMPLS is a set of protocols that’s manage the paths calculation and bandwidth assignment

GMPLS protocols are :

  • OSPf
  • LMP
  • RSVP

Briefly, OSPf is the routing protocol that’s used to discover the network and find the Best path.

LMP used to control the GMPLS and assign control channels and establish communication between optical nodes

RSVP used to create tunnels & assign bandwidth to tunnels & allocate labels

Further we will discover ASON in deep.

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