What the Scaling Factor represents in the 5G throughput calculation?

Hi Guys.
Do you know what the scaling factor represents in the 5g throughput calculation?
When and why it would not be 1?

No where mentioned exact reason.
Do you think it is just provided to assume DL/UL ratio, while calculated DL throughput in TDD case?

Not sure, @sadanandk2.
From the description, it mentions band and combo.
It is also signaled (if not 1, which is what I saw as typical for TDD) for both TDD and FDD. The DL/DL ratio comes indirectly into the formulas, the way I see it.

Scaling factor is for higher CC to calculate thrput. Like for 1 CC, scaling factor 1 for 2CC with different band & MIMO layers.

3GPP TSG RAN WG1 Meeting #92 R1-1801352:


But what does it mean, and even more important, why would you scale down the max peak tput when doing CA?

As I understood, in LTE UE can achieve max thrput by MIMO layer/Modulation/ CC but no concept of SF.
So you can achive max thrput by different combo while in NR, it has mention SF to calculate how to downgrade MIMO layer/modulation to have same aggregated thrput value.

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Thanks @ajaymsfather, i agree with You.

Also, I’ve checked the document (very good info) and they detail in examples. :wink: