What standards or affiliations drive test tools use?

Hi Guys,
Anyone knows what standards or affiliations this drive test tools using it for?
Lets say Nemo and Tems.

Nemo is part of Keysight, Tems is part of Ascom.

TEMS is part of Infovista now.
It was divested from Ascom to Infovista back in 2016.

Thats okay.
What standards they follow so that gives them upperhand in terms of approving their measurement collection methods.
In normal case anyone can a software to collect data from UE and showing them whichever format they want.
Anyone heard about Azenqos? It’s the chepeast drive test tool software, but why many doesnt know about them or using it?
I guess there should be some method of approving their results something should be there.

As per the Chipset design (Qualcomm) they do measurements.

Hi-silicon chipset is also available now in the matket from Huawei and their results are approved too.

Maybe software maturity…
I’m the past I used to use dingli dt tool.
The GUI was not so good as TEMS, Nemo, Accuver …
But measurements and results was fair enough and price in that time compensated the cost-benefit.

How one can know measurements and their results are fair enough and software is mature?

In that time we did basic comparisons of measurements and report between dingli and Accuver, but keep in mind that chipset was the same (hisilicom).
Regarding software maturity there are the sampling differences on time and the method of averaging the samples that can be impacted by the chipset report sampling as well and resolution.
Now on the software maturity, the GUI interface usability, export methods, automatic reports are important… For post processing tools, I would check the ability of the tool to create automatic reports as well.

Okay, thanks @Jobosco.
Let me see what are other ways to find this out if one dont have all the tool options.