What should be checked to understand if CA is working?

Hello Experts,
I was trying to extract the CA combination by looping download of 10 GB files under a multiband eNB with B40 (2 carrier) B3 and B5 (1 carrier) configured with CA with max 3 CC allowed.
But I ended up with B40 carrier non CA only.
Which all things I should check now to understand why CA was not working in this case?

You need to use download accelerator or multiple sessions to ensure DL buffer is always full.

Hmm I didn’t have option of multisession.
I got max 36 Mbps in this non CA session.

Is there a way to check the eNB band wise buffer during live testing?

With Huawei there are live traces for this, per user.
Not sure for other vendors.

But it is easier to use multisessions during download (ftp apps) and then you know that DL buffer is always full.

Ok will try that, is there any open mobile android app to perform this?

No idea. I am using a script feature for this in the DT tool.

Can you tell me what exactly you want to test?

I want to test the 3CA configured in the site and see the CA traffic %, scell addition and scell activation logs also required.
Using xcal. Samsung eNB.

And where you work exactly for samsung eNB? Because in nw its already configured and working.

Yes, it is configured in network but I am trying to force CA in a site and extract logs for CA.
I tried with 10 GB file download for 30 mins but still got only non CA in logs.

Where was your UE latched? which carrier?

It is B40.

Does your UE support TDD TDD contiguous CA?
Please check from UE capability.
If it support then need to check eNB configuration.

Hi, for CA between FDD and TDD, usually FDD configuration as PCELL, not in TDD

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