What parameters should be checked if some cells in RNC have zero IRAT CS out attemps?

What are the parameters to be checked if for few cells in RNC having zero IRAT CS out attempts

Huawei RNC…

Have you checked 3g to 2g relations?

GSM relation exists

Check iRat switch is it on.

RNC level switch is ON, how to check for individual cell

Verify external table as well…

Verified External gSm bcch,bsic,lac & Rac found ok…

You should check the event triggering thresholds for those cells. Wheather is it set to high value … Map it with other cells which are normal.

In zte the parameter is URatMeasProfile.

I need know it in Ericsson and Huawei

Sorry no idea.

Cs out was working before and suddenly stopped or it never work ?

Out of 13 cells, 12 cells never has IRAT CS out attempts and 1 cell having this now only