What MPLS and how it works?

  • MpLS is a protocol used for traffic forwarding.

  • Work in layer 2.5 , between Ethernet and routing layers.

  • Use labels to forward traffic.

  • LER is a router receive traffic from client devices and classify the traffic based on different attributes.

  • LSR switch the traffic using labels and forward it to next hop.

  • LER works with IPs and labels.

  • LSR use only labels to forward the traffic.

  • GMPLS works similar to MpLS and add OAM control to help in network troubleshooting and operation.

  • GMPLS used to transport all types of traffic like TDM , WDM and IP traffic.

  • MpLS label inserted between IP header and. Ethernet header.

  • MpLS header contain label + TTL + Cos + BOS.

  • TTL is 8 bits , time to live , used to prevent loops.

  • Label is 20 bits , used to forward traffic.

  • COS is class of service and used to identify type of traffic and class and priority.

  • BOS is bottom of stack , used to indicate whether there’s multiple labels (for VPN applications and traffic engineering).

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