What mod3 alignment with time sync means?


Does anybody know if mod3 alignment with time sync was done on 4G cells what will be the impact on 5G DSS cells on the same band?

Also what exactly mod3 alignment with time sync means?

You may need googling or have to read some research papers.
I looked at this long time ago. Here is my understanding.

Each sub-carrier in OFDMA is continuous signal.
OFDMA allows these subcarriers to be orthogonal to each other when perfectly time aligned i.e. their tail doesn’t interfere with next subcarrier.
If for some reason time alignment is disrupted, subcarriers orthogonality is affected and thus overall system performance is affected.
Believe affect of tail is only considered upto its 3rd harmonica (after that there is not much power left in signal).


But may be I am not clear enough to describe my question … I will try to rephrase it again:

It was suggested that pci mod3 alignment with time sync across LTE FDD sites can enhance throughput for DSS NR sites sharing the same same band … is their any explanation to how this enhancement can be gained?

From my understanding is that 5G DSS is highly impacted by LTE CRS interference from neighbor sites if the neighbor cells are not time aligned with serving cell, dss users can be impacted by many random neighbors crs interference (ex: DSS cell may be impacted during slots 0,4,7,11 due to sending crs but it may be impacted also at slots 1,5,8,12 because its neighbor cell x is not time aligned with it and may be impacted at slots 2,6,9,13 as neighbor y is not time aligned with it… so by making time alignment with all neighbors DSS cell will be impacted only at slots 0,4,7,11)

Does anybody agree with my understanding? or is their any better explanation for that?

Right. I agree with you explanation.

But think my answer was still valid.
DSS needs all signals to be very time aligned such that no one signal pushes into others boundary.
I need to read up on DSS but if not all sites are time aligned, then NR CORESET can collide with CRS from other site thus degrading service.

Agree :+1:t2::+1:t2: