What makes blind detection successful?


As we may know there is blind detection at UE side when UE tries to find its DCI.
What makes blind detection successful?
Is it the scrambling with RNTi?
Is there an equivalent blind detection at gNB?

Thank you!

Yes decoding wrt RNTI make blind detection sucessful.
USS & CSS are there on which RNTI is sent masked with DCI.
UE has to look in all the PDCCH candidates.

Is there a similar blind detection at gNB side?

I don’t think so since gNB is single entity to which UE is latched.
May be someone else can through more light on this.

In DL a single gNB having a lot of UE’s that’s why every UE has to perform blind decoding.

I think you are right. :+1: