What LTE carrier should have higher priority for camping?

Dear Experts.

If we have 2 LTE carrier 1800 & 2100, each one is 20 Mhz.

What carrier should be higher priority for camping?

1800, because it has slightly larger coverage.

UE support L18 more than L21.

For example: 5 UE support both L18 / L21, 5 UE support L18 only.

How do you think which carrier should be higher prio?

Not much difference but you can do benchmark.

I think L21 can be assigned higher priority for load balancing.

Uptilt 2100 or if its RS power is more than 1800, then 1800 I believe should have more priority as users are more.

But BW too is important.

2100 BW should be 15 MHz and 1800 BW as 10 MHz, then I believe this can work more.


Hello Experts.

We have added 1800 (10 MHz) layer with Priority 6 in 2100 (20 Mhz) LTE cell with Priority 7 yet more number of users are connected to 1800 cell.

What strategy can help to move UEs in idle mode to higher priority layer?

It is a Nokia cell… Can any Nokia expert help with parameter check for load balancing?

Appreciate feedback from other experts as well.

  1. First of all make sure coverage is overlapping and L1800 is not overshooting more than L2100 through TA.

    Adjust tilt & RS power

  2. Load balance by AMLE feature if needed.

Don’t forget 1800 is supported by more phones as far as I see.

And try Load Balancing feature in Nokia.

AMLE also need to check only idle mode will not give desired results.

As my experience,

Layer characteristic will be :

  1. User will be more at L1800 layer, because L1800 has more coverage than L2100.

Need to observe :

  1. PRB Utilization.
  2. SE on each layer.

Feature & Parameter need to adjust
Coverage Balancing

  1. RET / M-Tilt.
  2. dlRsBoost

Load Balancing

  1. IFLB (setting depend on PRB Utilization profile of each sector after coverage is balance)
    a. nomNumPrbNonGbr
    b. iFLBHighLoadGBRDL, iFLBHighLoadNonGBRDL, iFLBHighLoadPdcch
    c. highLoadGbrDl, highLoadNonGbrDl, highLoadPdcch
    d. targetLoadGbrDl, targetLoadNonGbrDl, targetLoadPdcch

  2. AMLE
    Not much playing on this parameter at the moment.

:pray:, Happy optimization

  1. Different cell reselection priority will not lead to proper load balancing as long as the following parametes are not set correctly :

    • threshServingLow
    • threshX-High
    • threshX-Low
  2. Connected mode load balancing and mobiliy strategy should be aligned with that of the idle mode otherwise different reselection priority in idle mode would be futile.

Can anyone share more details of this AMLE feature?

Does it needs to be activated only those cell which needs offloading or its partner cell as well?

Will appreciate feedback from all experts who has implemented the IFLB & AMLE feature successfully in their network.