What is Uplink User Throughput commonly observed for LTE?

Hello Experts,
What is Uplink User Throughput commonly observed for LTE?

Depends on SNR, and spectrum bandwidth.
I have observed more than 6 Mbps even in a congested 10 MHz FDD.

Not sure about the field throughout, but in IOT labs, I observed ~30Mbps on 10MHz FDD cell when 64QAM is enabled in UL during peak throughput testing.

6 Mbps really wow!
What your settings for power control and ul modulation used?

It depends, for LTE FDD 20MHz networks, I have seen 2+mbps as network average.

It depends a lot on how are you managing the coverage cell edge.

If we are talking about OSS KPI, in my opinion it depends upon majorly two factors:

  1. Data Demand in the UL - UL User Throughput is demand driven. If you do stationary test on a particular location for an hour and upload massive files, you will see huge jump only on those intervals in OSS KPIs. While at the same time network average may be much less.

  2. UL Noise Floor - In unloaded network I have seen a NW Average of upto 3Mbps. In loaded networks it do not even reach 1Mbps.

In general one can see a increase in UL User Throughput due to increased demand upto some extent but after that it will be limited due to increase UL Noise Floor. Presence of External Interference/ High UL RSSI are the major players too.

May be no of sites are less and less overlapped in your network it’s true UL throughput linked with UL rssi, pusch sinr, ue phr etc
2 Mbps is excellent.