What is Uplink Data Split Threshold and how it works?

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What is Uplink Data Split Threshold and how it works?

Will low value will have more volume in 5G and high value will split to 4G more?

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Parameters in yellow are acting for ul data split:

So this value will retain towards 5G at uplink pdcp?

If the value is high of ul data split?

If value is 600 means (in settings above) that from a buffer of say 900 bytes first 600 bytes will go over primary path (SCG in this case) and the rest will go over MCG (LTE).

Primary path 0 means MeNB and primary path1 means SCG.

But in settings about UL datavalue split is infinity.

Means eveything will go over SCG in uplink.

So this means you are avoid Uplink traffic to split in LTE Uplink.

Pdcp layer

Is this actually good for NR?

As normally LTE sites are more overloaded than NR?

Yes, usually NR is not loaded.

And anyway there are few UEs supporting 5G.

So is better to offload LTE as much as possible.


Here in our network up data split is 1200 bytes

You can increase that value.

The max value I see is 6553600 bytes.

Next one is infinity.

So this will improve lte KPIs basically like Uplink traffic overload and so on.

But NR will it impact uplink throughput if traffic is less.

So if volume of LTE is high and NR is less.

NR will offload UL throughput of LTE cell.

Better increase it.

but is tricky because UL NR78 is shorther than LTE UL coverage.

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But if value is infinity it won’t.

If is infinity it measn everything will go over NR if primary path is 1.

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