What is unique about Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC)?

Have you heard the term MEC in Edge computing? Do you know its not Mobile Edge Computing?
Why are vendors & MNOs following MEC?

Few details from ETSI MEC standards:

Network edge is in, and the core is out.

Edge compute, edge networking, Telco Cloud – all mean one thing: the content of the network.

This means that cloud instances are moving to the edge of the network to be closer to subscribers that consume the content.

Perfect definition.

Hi Carlos,

What you shared is THE definition of Edge computing, which is why we need Edge.

The article here is referring to Multi-Access Edge Computing which has a standards way of implementing and looking at Edge Computing deployments.

You can deploy Edge without following MEC way as well, however it becomes a question of compatibility and interoperability when you look to scale your Edges.