What is Unified Access Control in 5G?


Does anyone here can explain what is Unified Access Control in 5G?

Traffic Congestion Control Mechanism in 5G NR by Unified Access Control (new feature introduced in Release 15)

A small effort has been given to draw the attention regarding Unified Access Control.
Basically there are 2 types by which access can be controlled:

  1. At UE end that is Access Control and
  2. At gNB end that is RRC Rejection Method.

The decisions are taken on the basis of the Access Identities and Access Categories (new terminologies in Release 15) .

Concept of Access Identities are quite similar to Access Classes in earlier releases.
Access Identies-Total of 16 in nos.
Access Categories-Total 10 in nos.(Cat 0 is for paging,MT Calls and Cat 2 is for emergency services)

Now to play around these features, 3GPP Release 16 has given us 02 timers T302 and T390.

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