What is TOADM in WDM technology?

  • TOADM stands for tunable optical add drop multiplexer

  • it’s a kind of application scenario and shelf type in WDM

  • similar to ROADM but has some additional features

  • TOADM is based on what’s called CWR

  • CWR : colorless wavelength router

  • CWR is a Chip responsible for tunable service routing and forwarding

  • TOADM is equipped with colorless ports

  • colorless ports allow toadm to be connected to tunable transponders directly

  • wavelengths to be added or dropped can be remotely configured

  • TOADM has 3 types of ports :

1 - OMD ports : this is called optical much and demux ports

used to drop traffic to fixed multiplexer with specific wavelengths ( SFD )

2 - THRU ports : sometimes called express ports

used to connect aggregated multiple wavelengths to another TOADM as a pass through service

3 - CLS ports : it’s a colorless add drop ports connected to transponders

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