What is the use of the OLT in 5G?

Hi Experts,
What is the use of the OLT in 5G?

The OLT carries the fronthaul traffic between the DU and RRUs as well as the Midhaul traffic between the DU and CU.


One other feature of the OLT is the ability to implement the network slicing concept. Network slicing effectively allows the service provider to create logical networks across a common physical infrastructure. As already mentioned, 5G is not just about providing huge data rates to the subscriber. It is about becoming an enabler network for lots of different applications, and different third-party users of the network. We will need to be able to create a very adaptive flexible network that will provide different customers/third parties with different features, and network slicing is a perfect solution to do this. We ultimately provide that flexibility to accommodate the variety of different potential service environments.

The diagram below shows a representation of how the OLT could slice the network into multiple services, each characterized by different bandwidth profiles:

  1. 5G Fronthaul: High Bandwidth and low delay
  2. Home Broadband: Flexible bandwidth and service customization
  3. Government and Enterprise: Symmetrical bandwidth and high security

Network Slicing