What is the typical value for IBLER in PDSCH?

Guestion for 5G guys:
What is the typical value for IBLER for PDSCH?
Residual BLER will be lower than 10%, but IBLER, what is the value? Is it 10% usually?

It’s 10%.
We have more flexibility in 5G for link adaption by fine tuning parameters.

It’s strange, in Huawei you cannot modify target BLER for PDSCH, only for PDCCH.
(For PDCCH target bler is 1.5%, in 5G)

5G target BLER for PDCCH can be adjusted as per convenience, but for PDSCH it cannot be adjusted.

I’ve never seen option to configure BLER for PDCCH.

It will change aggregation level for PDCCH.

Seems Huawei very advance in Features.