What is the throughput gain with 5G NR DSS?

Hi one query with DSS.
What is the throughput gain observed for 5G NR DSS?
Is it for TDD or FDD?

Throughput difference between 4G and 5G is no more than +/-10% for same number of RBs used.
For 5G DSS no big deal - it’s just the icon on the screen. :wink:

Thanks, so main use is Spectrum Sharing, i.e. as per load spectrum allocated to 5G?

Well, this is also a point of argument: if PRBs are not demanded for 4G, why do you think will be demanded for 5G?
And if are demanded for 4G will be demanded for 5G too.
So the concept of 5G DSS will use unutilized PRBS fo 4G makes no sense.

All is marketing of 5G and 5G icon on screen.
But by deploying 5G in DSS MNOs have a unqiue chance to screw 5G capabilities because people will ask “this is all what 5G is about”?
Nothing more than 5G.
Nothing more than 4G.

Yes, I agree.
Actually I worked for DSS between 4G and 2G for 900 MHz.
At that time also no such gain seen in PRB utilization KPI.

Whereas deploying 5G in separate bands bring massive MIMO beamforming gain, large bands utilized (100MHz in Fr1 and 400 MHz in FR2) and huge capacity due to MU-MIMO.
The advantage of 5G DSS is that it can be deployed in classical 4T4R antenna and RRU of operators without the need to purchase an AAU.

Ok, means for low band it’s use not sure what operators will gain out of it.
Showing 5G icon only.

Yes and nation wide deployment without touching antenna and RRU.
And 5G icon on screen. :wink:

Ok, got it. Marketing strategy only in name of DSS.

But people will be disappointed.
This is not what 5G promised…

Low band mean FDD with single beam, so now can imagine what 5G can deliver.
It’s just show case.

Here in Brazil, the DSS deployment, I see as a way to push government to proceed with 5G auction, pushing 5G mobile models availability at the market, a marketing brand position strategy, the possibility of use some of the infrastructure that is already 5G ready, as well as having 5G in mobile screen without the cost of AAU implementation.

There’s no need for spectrum auction for DSS.
It is already paid by 4G.

Yeah! For sure.
But increasing the 5G brand, solutions and maybe applications, the pressure for more spectrum increaes forcing the government for stopping with repeated postponements of 5G auctions.

This is not only for 5G icon. There is term Dynamic in DSS, that means there is load sharing between LTE and 5G.

As someone already said that is bringing 5G without paying license for it and use of existing RF infrastructure.
Also, use of other optimizations come with 5G.
But DSS as of now is not making any huge impacts as compared to 4G.
DSS is deployed in mainly FDD carriers and in this case we have almost same channel WB as LTE.

If PRBs are not used for 4G won’t be needed by 5G either.
If PRBs are in great demand will be lack of resources in both 4G and 5G.
I don’t see what exactly is achieved for better cell throughput or user throughput with 5G DSS.

There should be no significant increase in cell throughput as it remains 4G FDD cell. The advantage is that both 4G and 5G UEs can work together in same cell. But the resource distribution can vary on demand… Also, MBSFN subframes can be allocated to 5G and that increases overall throughput…

Throughput is not the driver for DSS when it is deployed alone without other 5G carrier to perform 5G CA.

In fact, to be quite fair, the throughput should be reduced when compared with a pure LTE cell under the same conditions. An extra RAT in the same BW adds extra overhead, thus, reduction on throughput/spectral efficiency.

im a little bit late here, but what if companies purchase a chunk of spectrum for 5G. Then DSS is interesting as they can use same chunk for 5G and LTE simultaneausly while people still don´t have smartphones with 5G capabilities in order not to have useless spectrum in first phases of 5G deployment.
Also they can use for example 40 MHz for 5G and 10 MHz for LTE with DSS in order to deploy 5G NSA without using existing spectrum for LTE as it can induces interference problems