What is the recommended setting for AMR codec in VoLTE?

Hi Experts,
In VoLTE, what is the recommended setting for AMR codec?
Vendor is Huawei
Adaptive_eNB_control or ULAMRC_ENB_CONTROL.

I understand there are many glitches for codec change and many operators keep a single VoLTE codec during entire call.

Operators limit the number of codecs then allow full set.

183 session progress do negotiation of codecs.
Under invite message we can see use codec.
Generally WB codec used.
EVS seen very rare.

You are right. I think from 12.5-24 kbps codecs are enabled. But in some scenarios even lower are allowed to maintain VoLTE call.

EVS was optional in 4G but is mandatory in 5G VoNR.

Yes agree.
Thanks for VoNR knowledge let me pen down :+1:

If IMS signaling is encrypted, than eNB can’t obtain the rate set supported by UE.
But during initial access of UE, eNB obtain the rate set supported by UE from SIP message.

Check RAN-Assisted Codec adaptation feature.
IMS provides eNB list of Codecs and enables much better codec control based on UE RF conditions.

How codec adapted even signaling is adapted?

In case codec can adapted so what is the recommended setting.

Adaptive_eNB_control or ULAMRC_ENB_CONTROL

Which SW release are you on?
I will have to check, but I think you need adaptive codec for both UL and DL.

I need to know only for UL.