What is the reason of difference in service DCR all & ERAB DCR?

What is the reason of diffrence in service DCR all & ERAB DCR …what is the reasons SDCR always high in any parameter ? SDCR is higher than ERAB DCR …any MME reason…

It’s the multiple MME NW …as well as MME in pool

May I know in which parameter you getting this any examples

erab dcr considers only erab drops, which are dropped abnormally, that is why it is low comp. to SDCR all.

In general SDCR includes drops due to rrc

Once user come in network there is lot of capacity like we do layer management we have users license but in phase of rrc we have limitations ideally major drops on edge of coverage. And at edge of coverage lot of thigs happens harq fails ue lost high power headroom many reason. That is why sdcr is high then erab dcr

I need counter to distinguish

Share your formula

Same as nokia using for all

You have to remove rrc high prio low prio counters from dcr…Improve rrc as well

This is not the solution

Improve rrc is the solution for u. Change inactivity timer to 10 sec

We don’t want improved RRC …only know the reason from witch node it’s pegging or Only counter at respective node

Why will change its can increased user battery

Will offload your ntw load…at times increase ur user throughput as users are detached and then attached when required…trade off btw giving higher battery… or else give higher throughput so that UE can complete its work and then save battery… rather than using slow speed and consuming battery

I think…this discussion going in wrong direction…we can’t change formulae…i want only the reasons @ SDCR ALL higher any counters at Endb or MME end if not don’t confused

I dont know what u asked above i gave answer to inactivity timer chNge