What is the meaning of Power Save mode Idle, I-DRX and Connected?

Hi Experts.

What is the meaning of Power save mode Idle, Power save mode I-DRX and Power save mode Connected?

I-DRX is idle mode DRX. UE is registered to network and Idle. I.e no active RRC connection.

Connected mode DRX is when UE has active RRC connection and data is intermittent. To save UE battery connected mode DRX is configured by Enb through RRC signalling. You can take any UE log probably you will find connected mode DRX configuration.


These are 3 points :

  1. Power Save Mode Idle
  2. Power Save Mode I-DRX
  3. Power Save Mode Connected

What is the difference between 1 & 2?

Point 1 and 2 is same in LTE context.

If both are same then how we are getting different values for both?
Field team done Drive Test of NB-IOT and in analysis report getting different values for all 3 Points as mentioned in post?