What is the meaning of exclamation ! symbol on network bars?

Hi Friends.

Anyone may tell me what is the meaning of exclamation :exclamation: symbol on network bars?

This is DMRC SIM Card.

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Maybe you have 4G network but you don’t have data service.

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But if we are connecting it to laptop and downloading a ftp file on filezilla client…

Remote to local it is downloading…

And if we are doing this test with ftp data script it’s going failed.

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No data.

Check the network settings in your mobile.

How do you connect it to the laptop? Via cable?

Yes, team is connecting this UE with Nemo Outdoor Drive Test kit for ftp data testing.

There is Private network.

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I think it is configuration issue.

You need to check it from BTS or mobile device or SIM with Core.

In that UE, if we are using our Personal SIM Card, there is no❗symbol but we can’t test that client ftp server with commercial SIM Card as can’t access DMRC Private network.

Only with the DMRC SIM Card we can access the Client server.

Please clear my doubt: can we transfer file on Filezilla Client from Local to Remote / Remote to Local even if this symbol is available on bars?

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Yes you can.

It’s expected isn’t it, usually Android connectivity (wifi and cellular) relies on a Google or relevant dns to verify that you are connected to the internet.

Since your network is captive it may not be able to reach it, you should not bother about this as long as you are able to access local data.

To debug this take a dump at your laptop and see what dns Android is querying after attach and try to satisfy that dns request.

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It means traffic is not allowed for outside world.

You are limited to access only the intranet network of the customer.

This is expected behaviour.

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Issue was in the Remote file address… data is working!

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