What is the meaning of CIQ?

Im reading about radio network desing and I found this word I dont Know the meaning , if someone knows it please help , and If it doesnt bother please explain me a bit about it.

RND = Radio Network Design
CDD = Cell Data Design
CIQ = ??

Perhaps it is : Customer Information Questionnaire . In what context was it used? Can you paste the sentence or paragraph where it was used?

It was about the profile of a Optimizatión Engineer

…“Gather relevant information for datafill (i.e neighbor list including all technologies (GSM/UMTS/ LTE), macro or pico sites, DAS systems (when applicable), 3G CIQ data information for 1st , 2nd 3rd or 4th carrier, cell site deployment, frequency/scrambling code assignments, BTS/NodeB parameters parent BSC/RNC information and all other relevant parameters.”…

CQI= Channel Quality Indicator

CIQ - Customer Information Questionnaire OR Customer Input Questionnaire or Customer Input Query

Information that is pertinent to the design process such as the carriers etc… This information has to be obtained from the customer/operator. It is usually configuration data contained in the planning tool which serves as the master radion network configuration database.


Thank you sir , you made it cristal clear.