What is the impact of setting HsPdschMaxCodeNum to 15

If HsPdschMaxCodeNum is set to 15 then what could be the impact?

If HSPA codes are set to 5, HSPA capacity is lower, but if we have 15 HSPA codes enabled, HSPA throughput would be higher and a higher throughput would increase cell coverage. So for a new network that does not have much capacity problem so that the recommended value is 5 HSPA codes, but if you want to increase the yield to higher values, you would have to compromise the coverage comparatively when using 15 codes.

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How 15 code would effect on increase the cell coverage.?it increase capacity might be

In code 15 coverage is decrease?

Increase coverage as per above statementđź–•

Then what is the benefit of 5 code

If the coverage is increased the number of users is increased.if the number of users increases, throughput should be decreased

HSDPA throughput is based on the number of the code. The codes start from 5 to 15.based on their requirement. Them min code give to any user is 5 and max up to 15

Please correct me if I’m wrong

If number of users increases the coverage decreases but I guess this is about increasing codes allocated to a user to increase his throughput

If we set max to 15 then is there any possibility to decrease the voice quality?

So I think there is no relation with code and coverage.

I try it many cells.throughput increase but quality remains stable. Many networks set default to 15. You can increase the min code 5 to 8,to get benefit on throughput

There is no impact on DCH user?

Our network default value is 15 but some cell have voice quality issue and some area have cssr issue. I am not sure for which reason those problem.

If the quality issue on some cells.you must fix it first.other wise bad cqi vant give you the good throughput

As for impact on DCH users…I thing no…but I have not confirmed yet…any one has the answer?

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