What is the impact of PSS conflit on 4G?

Hello Experts.
What is the impact of PSS conflit on 4G?
Any impact of prach?

What do you mean by PSS conflict?
Do you mean PCI conflict?

No, SSS different but same PSS id between 2 cells.

PSS is a signal. ID of cell is called PCI.

PSS can be same, in nearbly cells.
Only PSS conflict may not impact anything.

Note: PCI is combination of both PSS and SSS.
PSS conflict can be there and it’s unavoidable as there is only 3 PSS 0 1 2.

If it impacts, then only SINR will be degraded in downlink, no impact on PRACH.

There are 2 scenarios where PCI, PSS or SSS can conflict.

1: the value of PCI is the same.
2: the value of PCI is different the PSS value is the same.

In scenario 1, PCI conflict is there. In that case RACH may fail.

But in scenario 2, its basically MOD3 collision. It may affect DL SINR. Rach may or may not get affect.

RACH can be affected because UE take more time to decode the same PSS of 2 cells, no?

Hi @Walty95 is it possible to explain more,how take time for decoding the same PSS