What is the impact of high TWAMP?

Hello Experts,
A question about TWAMP: What is the impact of high TWAMP?
Does it affect browsing for the connected customers?
What are its definitions and counters or indicators in Nokia system?

TWAMP (Two Way Active Measurement Protocol) is a way to measure the Round Trip Time.
If you have high TWAMP values, then you are facing issues QoS on the TX interface.

It will impact QoE on the user side with low throughput.

The main motivation & benefits of TWAMP are:

  • Monitoring of current backhaul network state (e.g. congestion)
  • Verification of Service Level Agreements
  • (Rough) Verification of configured QoS behavior
  • Obsolete external equipment

With TWAMP measurements you also get the Packet Lost Ratio (PLR) indicating the amount of packet lost onTWAMP Messages.

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