What is the full form of BODA?

One may ask: “What is the full form of BODA?”.

Or, is it a short for something?

Well, we all know here that BODA is the open source developed by and for the telecomHall Community.

It’s being used by thousands of professionals in almost every Operator and RAN Vendor in the World.

But when you do a search on Google, results are still not relevant, or at least do not point to the tool. You will probably find results form marriage - meaning of Boda in Spanish. :wink:

But if you instead do a search for “Boda-Boda”, you’ll be close to the origin of the name:

  • (In some countries) a type of motorcycle or bicycle with a space for a passenger or for carrying goods, often used as a taxi;

  • Boda bodas are bicycle and motorcycle taxis commonly found in East Africa;

  • Boda Bodas are the most important means of transportation in Uganda. They are public infrastructure - and the Boda Boda industry provides jobs for young men and women.

Yes: this is the closer related to the origin of the name.

The inspiration came because boda bodas (or Boda) represents the only hope for thousands of young men and women, with no money, and kind of lost in the Wild World.

Even with no money they can purchase motorcycles on credit (without having the money to pay it), and can use to grow.

Working as taxi drivers, and doing whatever kind of task is necessary.

They are humble, they have nothing… but the will to grow, to evolve and help their families.


That’s the spirit, and that’s what inspired us to simply call our tool: Boda.

We want it can be as useful to you (telecomer) as it is for thousands of poor workers that make their life on it, and provide food for their families.

People who even lacking resources (especially money) do not give up, fight and succeed in their work day after day.

And the best: they have a Community and care for each other. :wink:

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So nice to see powerful Boda Scripts are back. Now together with Hunter Solution. Thanks @Emmanuel !

Can’t wait to start using it.