What is the Different types of RRH and their functions?

What is the Different types of RRH and their functions

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RRH stands for Remote Radio Head or Remote Radio Unit, which is a component of a wireless communication system. It is responsible for converting radio signals to electrical signals, and vice versa. There are different types of RRHs, each with a specific function in the wireless communication system. Here are some of the most common types of RRHs and their functions:

  1. Macro RRH: Macro RRHs are used in macrocell sites, which provide coverage over a large area. They are typically used for voice and data communication, and support multiple frequencies.
  2. Small Cell RRH: Small Cell RRHs are used in small cell sites, which provide coverage over a smaller area than macrocell sites. They are typically used in densely populated areas where there is high demand for data communication.
  3. Distributed Antenna System (DAS) RRH: DAS RRHs are used in a distributed antenna system, which provides wireless coverage in areas where it is difficult to install traditional wireless communication infrastructure. They are typically used in large buildings, stadiums, and other venues where there is high demand for wireless communication.
  4. Massive MIMO RRH: Massive MIMO RRHs are used in Massive MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) systems, which use multiple antennas to improve the efficiency of wireless communication. They are typically used in 5G networks to provide high-speed data communication.
  5. Integrated RRH: Integrated RRHs combine the functionality of multiple RRHs into a single unit. They are typically used in small cells and DAS systems to reduce the amount of equipment required and simplify installation.

Overall, the different types of RRHs have specific functions in the wireless communication system and are used to provide reliable and efficient communication to users.

I’ve never heard of “Massive MIMO RRH” term, have you got some literature on that? I have only heard of AAU or antenna integrated radio etc…

check this article :slight_smile: RRH based massive MIMO with “on the Fly” pilot contamination control | IEEE Conference Publication | IEEE Xplore

thanks :slight_smile: so an academician came up with that. I’ve never seen that term in practice (from none of the major vendors)