What is the difference between LTE QoS to 5G QoS?

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What is the difference between LTE QoS to 5G QoS?

What is the behind concept of 5G QoS compared to LTE/4G QoS?

In LTE, can Radio Bearer have multiple QCIs or only one unique QCI per Radio bearer?

We have some rules for packet in 5G, QFI.

In 4G we are using QCI.

Yes, but what are differences?

In LTE, can one Radio Bearer include multiple QCIs?

In QCI there is no rule like packet delay time window so on.

I understand, but I think basically this is not the main reason for differences between 5G QoS to 4G QoS.

Any idea if per radio bearer in LTE? Can it include multiple QCIs on same single radio bearer?

In 5G there is reflective QoS, which can change the QoS in dynamicay. But not in 4G.

QOS in 5G-NR and LTE, differences?

Why SDAP has been introduced?

The way data moves in NR (that’s like super-fast internet) is based on ideas similar to LTE (kind of like fast internet), but there are some differences.

One big difference between how data is handled in LTE and NR is that NR has a new layer in its setup called SDAP – which stands for Service Data Adaptation Protocol.

An interesting article on the following link:

SDAP (Service Data Adaptation Protocol) in 5G-NR